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Day 10 - Dream – ask God to speak to you about the future

I was talking on the phone to a woman in our congregation today, and she gave me permission to share her reflections. We were talking about how this is an unprecedented time, but she recalled similar feelings in her childhood. She grew up in Jamaica, and she can remember the fear she had as a child during World War II. Hitler had threatened to bomb Jamaica, and so every night they had to turn out every light so planes would not potentially have targets to hit.
Times like this and the emotions that go along with them are unforgettable, but when we come out of difficult times it brings renewed hope and vision. After World War II many mission fields were open for the gospel. I’ve been dreaming about a future in which God brings holiness and revival to the church and a spiritual awakening in society and around the world. 
This reminds me of when God brought Israel back from captivity. Here is Psalm 126, “When the Lord brought back the captivity of Zion, we were like those who dream. Then ou…

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